Now that you know more about our organization, what should you do next? Whether or not you're a student and whether or not you're in school, you can still get involved!


If you're a student and would like to start a new USVH chapter at your school but don't know how, contact our National President, Carly Olszewski ( She will guide you through the steps of establishing a chapter, including:

  • Finding a VA near you

  • Contacting that VA regarding volunteer need

  • Advertising/recruiting volunteers

  • Establishing a Board to organize carpools and activities

After creating a new chapter, you will be in close contact with National Board members, keeping one another updated on chapter progress and suggesting ways to improve USVH's local and national program.

See our new chapter resources for more information on running a USVH chapter:

Director's Manual - Comprehensive guide to running a USVH chapter

Recruitment Poster - Sample volunteer recruitment poster

Living Memories Project


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          Spring Quarter 2015-2016

          Fall Quarter 2016-2017


If you're not a student, you can still get involved with veteran health care! Here are some ways on how:

  • Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website and learn more about veteran-related programs and news.

  • Find out which VA facility is nearest you here. Contact them and see if they would like a new volunteer!

  • Visit your local library and see what opportunities to volunteer are available!